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Moving Tips

If you're planning a move remember there are plenty of ways to make it Environmentally friendly. Here are our top tips.

Our lifestyles create a lot of waste. Those facts are more evident when packing for a move. This year, more than 1 million Australians will pack up their belongings & move. If you're one of them, remember to watch out for Mother Earth in the process by considering these Environmental Moving Hints & Tips, or if you are too time poor, Our Manly Warringah Removals Packing Service can help you!

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Throwing away unused/unwanted items.  Its often tempting to go the easy route and simply throw it out on the cleanup or simply with the trash. Your old speakers, BBQ, and those skinny clothes that no longer fit could be treasures to a bargain-seeking, garage sale shopper, or a local charity, or even friends & family, rather than adding to a landfill.

Don't be a Hazard!

When you're hiring a professional, it's important to remember that certain items cannot be transported because they represent a hazard. And if the professionals won't or cannot move them, you might not want to either. Hazardous items are those that are Flammable, Corrosive or Explosive. Such items include fertilizers, car batteries, gas bottles, liquid bleach, ammunition and paints. Please remember the environment when disposing of hazardous materials. Some Municipalities schedule hazardous materials disposal, cleanup Days, and local vendors of these materials should offer disposal services too.

Consume, Perish or Donate?

Try to plan your food purchases the weeks ahead of your move so that you don't end up with a lot of perishables. Manly Warringah Removals cannot move perishable items, and if you're doing the move yourself, you probably don't want to hassle with them either. But even the best-laid plans will result in some extra items in the fridge and freezer, so plan ahead of time especially for those longer distance moves. Grab an esky, ice packs and make meals the night before if you have the energy, or give them to a nearby neighbour. And if you don't want to pack up and move dozens of cans and perishables donate them to your local food shelter or charity, i.e. The Salvos.

Getting Ready for the Move


  •     Prepare a simple breakfast for the next morning.
  •     Make sure you have payment ready for your mover.
  •     Make sure Manly Warringah Removals Moves has the correct address.
  •     Have an early nights sleep!


  •     GET KEYS TOGETHER and put them in a safe spot.
  •     Show our movers around.
  •     Check rooms one last time. Remember closets, cupboards, and garage!
  •     Make sure you have the keys to your new home, so you don't delay your move.

If possible, investigate, ahead of what type of recycling, yard waste, and trash service is available. That way you won't have lots of waste sitting at your curb or in your garage or shed for several days, weeks on end, year after year.

And you'll also help SAVE OUR PLANET.

We plant a tree for every move


Trees planted, and counting...