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Advice on Choosing a Removals Service

A good furniture removalist can save you a lot of time, money, and needless frustration. They can help to protect the things you’ve worked so hard to choose and buy over the years. And although moving is still a lot of work, they can make things go much more smoothly.

But all removalists are not the same. Choosing the wrong company could be a mistake you regret… possibly for the rest of your life. Your possessions could be damaged (or even stolen), your floors and walls could be scratched (costing you time, money and frustration to repair), and most common of all, your removalist may not even show up… leaving you high-and-dry with no way to meet final settlement deadlines.

Becoming a removalist is actually very easy. All you need is a truck (which many ‘start-up’ removalists hire) and a few muscles. But that’s where things start to go wrong. You see, being a GOOD removalist is a lot more complicated.

Here’s how you can tell the difference and be sure you’re choosing the right moving company. And…

Seven Things To Look Out For...

Trucks, Equipment and Training: While some companies appear to charge a lower hourly rate, if they don’t have the right equipment or a big enough truck your move will take hours longer and your bill will skyrocket. Think of the extra time it takes to make a second trip to your new property. All that driving is dead-time you still have to pay for. And if they are inexperienced and lack training, they may take hours longer just to work out how to get things moved. Have you ever tried to move large furniture through doorways? When you don’t really know what you’re doing, most of the time is taken up in ‘problem solving’ – working out how to best do it. And what about packing the truck – have you ever had to re-pack things because they didn’t fit or they weren’t secure? Training and experience are invaluable.

We have 2 trucks -. 30 cubic metres and 40 cubic metres. That’s almost 2 times the size of many removal trucks. We have all the latest trolleys and packing pads to make your move fast, efficient and completely safe. And our team is trained and experienced so they don’t waste time problem solving – they get right to it. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your belongings will be moved.

Smoko and Lunch Breaks: There’s no doubt, moving is hard, physical work that demands regular breaks. The question is… who pays for those breaks? Most companies ‘keep the clock running’ and you end up paying for the guys to have morning tea and lunch. That doesn’t seem fair to us.

We schedule small drink or lunch breaks usually on the way to the unload so our team can stay safe and efficient all day long. But we don’t ask you to pick up the tab – we take these break times off your bill. You only pay for the time we are actually working.

Insurance: Unfortunately our world is drowning in fine print. It’s just too hard for most companies to be bothered with all the research, comparisons and administration involved in things like insurance cover. If they bother at all, many removalists just choose the first insurance policy they find. And they don’t worry about the fine print thinking that they will never have to make a claim.

We think differently. Although we expect the best… we plan for the worst. That’s why we interviewed ALL the most respected companies about insurance. We read ALL the fine print. And we take care to adhere to their requirements so you can be confident you are covered. We’ll explain all the details to you and let you know the scope of this cover and extra options to enhance your protection.

id="founder">Rate Calculations -Door-To-Door or Depot-To-Depot: This is a simple ‘trick’ that can easily add $100-$200 or more to your bill. You have to ask the question: Will you be charged for the travel time from and back to the removalist’s depot or do you only start paying once they arrive at your home? Our Door to Door rate is for all residents for Northern Beaches moves and North Shore moves.

We make it simple.With Manly Warringah Removals you only pay for the time we are on-site and traveling between your properties. We cover all travel time to your property and back to our depot after everything is unloaded at your new place. (For removals Northern Braches.

Blue Singlets And Cigarette Smoke:There’s no denying it – many professions are known for certain things. And the removalist industry is known for… big, sweaty men (often with hairy backs!)… blue singlets… and smoking. Whether you smoke or not, there’s nothing worse than having someone else’s cigarette smoke stinking up your home and furniture. It can take days to air out a property and get it smelling fresh again. And even longer to get that smoke smell out of the fabric of furniture and clothes. Not to mention the damage a stray cigarette can do. And the extra mess caused by cigarette butts.

Our team will arrive at your home in neat uniforms. And while they may get hot and a little sweaty while they work, they all carry deodorant and use it regularly. And they will NEVER smoke while in your property or near your belongings.

On Time Every Time:When everything is packed and settlement is upon you, the last thing you need is for your removalist to… not show up. Just imagine it. How would you feel? Unfortunately, it happens more than you might think. Removal companies will often ‘ditch’ their clients when they get a better job. Often without so much as a phone call. Look for alarm bells. If your removalist doesn’t have a physical address or website and they aren’t listed in the phone book, you should have serious doubts. And if they demand payment in cash, you should hold onto your wallet very tightly.

We take every move seriously. We know the stress you are under and we do everything to help things go smoothly. That means turning up on time and getting to work straight away. We have a comprehensive website with helpful moving tips. We have a physical office and we gladly accept payment via bank transfer and credit card.

On top of all that, we try to do our bit for the environment too. Our trucks run on environmentally friendly bio-fuels. And for every home we move we plant an Australian native tree through Greenfleet (

You’ll be glad to know that the only thing average about our company are our prices. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a removalist because their hourly rate appears to be $10, $20 or even $30 cheaper. This seemingly cheaper hourly rate does not mean your overall bill will be less. Add the cost of replacing damaged goods (sometimes immeasurable)… the cost and frustration to repair scratches on furniture, walls and floors… and the extra time it takes for an inexperienced removalist to move your things… and you could be shocked to discover a bill hundreds of dollars (even thousands) more than it should be. We regularly compare ourselves to other companies and find we are consistently priced around the middle.

So if you’re moving within Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore area, we’d be glad to help make your move fast, safe and stress-free. To check availability and prices please phone Franz on 0419438696.

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