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Boxes and Packing Supplies

We can arrange boxes and packing supplies using recycled and re-used boxes that meet high quality and standards.


Large boxes (light items)  $4.25

Small book boxes (heavier items)  $3.85

Tape  $3.50

Paper (5kg) handy for wrapping fragile items.  $24.00

Port-a-robe Hire for the day of the move only  $7.50

Recycled BOX HIRE (no refund after use) includes free delivery and pickup for orders over  *$100

*SPECIAL BOX PACK.. saving over $20 for 15x small book box, 15x large box plus tape)  $100

  • Box Special is only available if you want to pack yourself.
  • *Please ensure that all boxes are left in a DRY, SAFE and ACCESSABLE spot for free collection (no refunds)
  • All WRITING must be made on the TAPE OF THE BOX only, using a black felt marker pen.
  • Recycled boxes can only be hired out, making RECYCLED BOX HIRE economical, eco-friendly, and efficient for our clients.
  • We don't supply plastics except tape due to environmental concerns.
  • free pickup minimum 30 boxes; Northern Beaches and North Shore Only
  • we pick up your boxes free of charge (no refunds)

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