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Checklist for Moving

Moving house doesn't have to be stressful. Our handy checklist covers everything you need to remember when you relocate

  •     Go to your local Post Office for your mail redirection forms for your new address. This will give you the peace of mind that your letters will find you no matter where you move.(Tip) If your move is temporary, organise a PO BOX instead, at a suburb convenient to you.

  •     Contact your Banks, Insurance Company, Utilities, Schools, Subscriptions, Health Care Providers and most importantly friends and family.

  •     Look around your home and make ruthless decisions about what is to make the new journey with you and what you are able to live without.

  •     Contact MANLY WARRINGAH REMOVALS online at or phone 02 9972 2215 or 0419438696 for a FREE ESTIMATION or FIXED QUOTE for PEACE OF MIND

  •     Ask about our special Door to Door Rates

  •     ORDER your boxes, markers, packing tape and paper from MANLY WARRINGAH REMOVALS.

  •     make arrangements for cleaning and or packing. Call our Home Sweet Home Packing ServicesG &02 99722215 or 0405421767

  •     Ensure adequate parking is available for the truck on moving day. This is the client's responsibility; therefore parking fines are charged to you!

  •     Please make sure you purchase Moving Insurance if you have valuable antiques and collections.

  •     Plan what goes in your car with you. Toys, games, special breakable items or collectables, change of clothes, toiletries, 1st Aid Kit, food kit; including water, fruit, bread and of course the Kettle, Tea & Coffee with milk powder sachets

  •     Don't forget the mugs and cups.

  •     Have your car serviced in preparation of longer moves.

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